View Full Version : Portege 4010 Black Marks

06.04.2005, 09:46
I have an unusual problem on my laptop. Behind the screen there are black marks and these sem to keep increasing. The marks are more visible with white or light backgrounds. Does anyone know what is causing these marks and how to get rid of them?

Thanks in advance

06.04.2005, 21:44

it seems your notebook is infected by a virus!

Do you have a current Antivirus software running?

Unless you can use a free Antivirus software which can be found on the web!

Bye and good luck!


07.04.2005, 11:52

Sorry bit I must ask you something. Are those marks always on the same place and have always the same form?

12.04.2005, 15:26
Maybe is there some defect on your display and the best way to find out what it can be is to contact technicians by Service partner. You can explain them what is this exactly.