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24.04.2008, 17:01

I've bought a new Satellite U300-151 notebook w Vista 32bit onboard, installed the most recent patches (display, bios, etc) and at certain point (unfortunately I cant say where it started) I came to a display problem.

Namely, color settings are 32bit depth and it looks like it's not enough colors so it starts to dither them producing large pseudo pixels and artefacts.

When I roll it back to 16 bit the colors become smoother but still crapped because they really differ from other screens I have.

The people on that forum thread say it might be connected with BIOS. I've just flashed the newest 3.9 so if anyone got a solution to my problem or just older BIOS it would be very appreciated.


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24.04.2008, 19:46
The similar problem was discussed here: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=14718
and looks like they did not find any solution

29.04.2008, 21:19
I played with settings a little bit and realized that according to specs my display supports color depth up to 24bpp but in vista settings menu there's only 16 and 32 bpp options.

How can I force it to 24bpp?

16.05.2008, 10:18

I played with my notebook for a while and finally I can see that even BIOS dialogs (when you press F9 for example) are in dithered colors. So I think It's a BIOS/hardware issue.

Any suggestions how to fix it?

16.05.2008, 10:43
Dear Petr

Satellite U300 is new notebook model with, I think, valid warranty and the best thing you can do is to contact authorized service provider in your country. Let them exchange defective hardware component (display or graphic card).

Please do not understand me wrong but I really do not see anything you can do alone.

One more thing: if possible please test it with external monitor. If problem persists the graphic card must be defective and the mainboard must be exchanged.