View Full Version : Blue screen on Satelilte X200-219 when running Adobe Lightroom slide show

17.04.2008, 21:10
I am running Vista Business SP1 32 bit and I have upgraded my RAM to 4Gb. I have 50Gb free on my C: drive. Every time I run the slide show in Lightroom 1.3.1 or 1.4.1 I get the blue screen of death. I have swapped the original memory back in but get the same result so it wouldn't appear to be the memory modules Visa keeps telling me to run the manufacturers System Diagnostic Utility.

Has anyone experienced the same problem, have any suggestions or know where I can get said diagnostic utility from?


19.04.2008, 16:18
The problem is the Microsoft Standard VGA Driver for the Toshiba Video Adapter. I downloaded the Nvidia driver and all is well.

19.04.2008, 17:32
Thats good that you resolved it by installing another driver but did you installed the driver from the Toshiba website or from the nvidia website.