View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 - how do I change the optical drive?

17.04.2008, 13:36
I want to change the optical drive in a satellite pro L20 but am having trouble finding instructions on how to remove it. Can anyone help?

17.04.2008, 14:41
The ODD drive is secured with one screw at the bottom of the unit. So turn over the computer and remove the one screw securing an optical disk drive.
The second screw is hidden under the keyboard. Therefore this screw must be removed too. Then disconnect you should be able to pull-out the optical drive.

But note; if you have no experience in such things, then ask an notebook technician for the help.

Good luck

17.04.2008, 16:35
Thank you for your answer. Is there a service manual available or instructions on how to remove the keyboard to get at the second screw? I have worked with computers for a while and am confident in doing the work but I do need instructions for this model as I have not worked with it before.

17.04.2008, 18:24
The keyboard is fixed with two screws which are hidden under the thin plastic cover above the F1-12 buttons.
You have to remove the little cover firstly and then you could remove the screws securing the keyboard.

But be careful buddy!

21.04.2008, 15:33
Thanks for that, I will give it a go :-)