View Full Version : Does the Satellite Pro A100 have a "voice" modem?

10.04.2008, 15:30
Does the Satellite Pro A100 have a "voice" modem?

If so, can I make phone calls using the dialer in MS Outlook with a microphone connected to my laptop.
How would I do this?

14.04.2008, 09:34
I now understand that, according to google, I need a wave/sound driver for the modem. (which should appear in the device manager under the "Sound, Video and Game controllers properties)
Does such a driver exist?
I can not find one on the Toshiba site.

14.04.2008, 10:53
Please do not make the whole thing so complicated. At first it would be interesting to know which operating system you use. On Toshiba support page you can find sound and modem driver for supported operating system.

14.04.2008, 12:12
The operating system is Vista Business.
I have looked at modem drivers and sound drivers on the Toshiba website and reinstllaed the modem one.

14.04.2008, 12:17
And what is with sound driver? If you make your own OS installation, for me it is logic to install all listed stuff from Toshiba support page.

14.04.2008, 12:26
Sorry if I have confused anyone. I am just using drivers from the Toshiba website.
All I would like to do, is use a microphone connected to my laptop to make voice calls using the modem and traditional telephony (not VoIP) . Is it even possible?

14.04.2008, 15:17
Don’t think this is possible…
You can use the internal modem to connect to the internet but I don’t think that you can connect an “common” phone to the notebook to make the calls…