View Full Version : Which wireless model is installed on Satellite U300-153?

07.04.2008, 20:36
Hello guys,

One of my friends bought Satellite U300-153 and he asked me to install XP on his laptop, so I did. All of my drivers (U300-10M) worked on his laptop except for wireless.
Now guys, someone tell me what is the model of the wireless adapter installed on above mentioned laptop (may sound silly, I know), since download page offers 3, even 4 types of wireless drivers.

Thanks in advance!

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07.04.2008, 21:24
Usually you can identify WLAN model following part number listed on Wi-Fi sticker. In this case it should be Atheros 11b/g (13ch) XB63L.

Check it out using Google. Put the PAxxx number as searched term.


14.04.2008, 15:01
According the notebook specification your notebook is delivered with Atheros WLAN card.