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07.04.2008, 14:33
Please help.
Does anyone have a *photo or physical description* on the original 128 Meg module that went in the the 3440CT.

I know the part number and specification I'm specifically trying to identify if the one in my 3440CT is a Toshiba part and therefore under the 10year guarantee. Its faulty.

Paper Label Printed with:-

* square "3d" bar code
* 128MB PC-133
* MTGA83S-86KI3
* S/N:S36000801096

The chips are KTI

it has 4 chips on each side and is a Micro Dimm 144 pin.
Printed on board is T3-0196 REV:1.0

I hope this link works. This is one on Ebay in Poland


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07.04.2008, 15:04

Portege 3440 supports 64Mb of internal memory and this memory cannot be removed.
So only one slot is available.

As far as I know Toshiba recommends using these modules for an upgrade:

*SDRAM 64MB (PA3033U-1M06)*
*SDRAM 128MB (PA3034U-1M12)*

I think you could google for these single numbers and you should get a photo or all needed details about these modules…


07.04.2008, 15:16
I've googled for many many hours (I might be in double figures). No photos other than the one I've posted.

If someone who knows theirs is Tosh memory removes two screws and it looks like the photo and my description them I'm sorted.


07.04.2008, 15:19
Hi again…

The module looks like this one:

[Memory for Toshiba Portege 3440CT|http://www.orcalogic.co.uk/asp/prodtype.asp?prodtype=9791&ft=m&st=3]

Greetings mate

07.04.2008, 15:52
According the picture sent by Jeffrey you can buy this module from eBay. :)

07.04.2008, 20:20
I need to know if the part in my Laptop is GENUINE TOSHIBA based on the details i gave.
I don't need to know an alternative manufacturer or where to get one. Thanks guys.

I just need someone to open their Laptop and say "yes that looks like mine to, the picture and part numbers are identical". That way when it goes back to Toshiba tomorrow I know I'm not telling lies.

I already have a spare module in the laptop i just need to original replacing by Tosh so I can swap it back and then sell my spare on Ebay (which is where i bought it from this week)

The fundamental question here is how do you tell a Toshiba Module from an OEM one, like the OEM picture you posted. Who did Toshiba used to get its memory from before they put it in a Toshiba box and how do i tell real from OEM.

I think this is going to be answered by someone with a portege on their desk armed with a small Phillips screwdriver and 2 minutes of their time.

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07.04.2008, 20:57

Normally a new 3440 is not delivered with an extra module in the external memory slot, but only with the basic memory

The accessory modules can be of different brands and are most of the time installed later-on

In my own 3440 ( that I opened for you ) a 128mb transcend module is installed

there are existing "real genuine toshiba modules", but they have allways the name *'toshiba'* on either the module *and* the chips itselves and also the original part-number, in this case *pa3034u*

So I fear it's unlikely that your module will be a factory-installed module

the original specifications of the memory-modules is *PC100* sdram and not PC133 sdram
in this case the module 'for sure' has been installed afterwards

Found out that it is a Kingmax ( korean ) module, a universal PC133 microdimm module

08.04.2008, 00:20
Thanks that's very helpful.

I find that other people have been quoting the part i had in my 3440ct as the Genuine Toshiba part.
I'm not doubting you but I remember unpacking it from its box.

However it could have been changed in the 8 years since then with the Genuine part replaced.
Its a long time ago.

Thanks for the help. Appreciated.


24.06.2008, 15:33
I found my module was origional and had it replaced by the supplier under Tosh warantee.