View Full Version : Terca 9100 lock ups

06.04.2008, 19:42
I recently got my hands on a second hand tecra 9100. I got it free since the previous owner complained about random lock ups or freezes. As i've testaed the laptop myself i experienced this aswell. It can freeze just about anytime but i've never had it running flawlessly for more than 20 minutes i recon. Sometimes it also refuses to start up. I do not know if this is a lock up in the initial startup sequence.
Anyway it will lock up even in bios and i have dissassembled it and put it back together, replaced the RTC battery (with a non rechargable) and removed any hardware not crucial for useage (i.e WiFi card, extra RAm modules, modem card).
I'm clueless, anyone got any idea of what to try next?

Regards Simon

07.04.2008, 08:56
This seems to be a solder crack problem of one of the two PCBs (most times the connector between them).

07.04.2008, 15:43
The thought crossed my mind aswell but I did not know where to look or what to look for. Should I looks for cracks at the connector then?

07.04.2008, 15:56
I think you can’t fix it by yourself…
In your case the ASP should check the notebook and if necessary replace the faulty part/device.