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05.04.2008, 15:57
There have been a lot of posts on various support sites about iTunes not burning to CDRs using various models of Toshiba Laptop - instead showing a '2131 Error'.

I've just read on the apple support forum that Toshiba have released a patch to fix this..

Does anyone know if it's available anywhere on the net? Or if any Toshiba Support Techs read this forum - could let me know where on the website can I find the patch?

Thanks for your help,

08.04.2008, 09:02
Yes, please, if anyone knows anything about this supposed "patch," please let us know! CD-RW is not a solution, I want to be able to use CD-R and if there is a patch for iTunes in the works, I would surely love to know about it, thanks!

08.04.2008, 09:13
Hi guys

I called my ASP in my country and spoken to one of the technicians… he said that this patch should be released on the Toshiba European driver page in the next couple of days…

So I would recommend checking the driver page from time to time…


10.04.2008, 23:32
I finally got a hold of someone very helpful on the Toshiba support line, and he said that the order for this driver patch has been put in to the engineering department but he didn't have a date for me as to when the patch will be available online.

He did say that he thought it would be within the month, which is vague but at least something.

He said to just keep an eye on support.toshiba.com. When the patch is ready, it'll be made available on that site. You can subscribe to their update list so that when the patch is made available, it'll notify you via email.

Hope that's at least a little bit helpful!

04.06.2008, 15:01
Until patch is ready you can use CD-RW media. There is no problem. The error occurs if you use CD-R media only.