View Full Version : Satellite U300 powers off when battery was removed

30.03.2008, 15:11

I am running the laptop with the battery in place, and AC power plugged in.
It is when I remove the battery (AC power still plugged in) that after 5 seconds the laptop powers off.

This did not happen before, and now happens ALL the time whenever I remove the battery.
I have noticed that when the battery is removed, the battery light is still on - so for some reason the laptop still thinks the battery is connected.

30.03.2008, 16:28
For me it looks like a power supply electronic issue.

But it’s only my personal opinion…

I think the notebook should be checked by an authorized service technician.

Contact the ASP in your country and ask for the check…

If warranty is valid then a everything should be done for free…


03.04.2008, 13:42
I have this same problem too! As far as I'm aware I've had the problem since the laptop was new though. And I also have other charging issues, just posted in a new thread.

03.04.2008, 14:39
The notebook should not power off when the AC adaptor is plugged in.
In my opinion this issue must be related to the faulty hardware…
Therefore you should ask the ASP for the notebook check as already suggested above!

Good luck