View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600, Wireless with wep and intel AP error

Jose Carlos
25.08.2004, 11:13
I have 3 notebooks Satalite Pro 4600 with wireless.
I have work ok with AP intel. But wen company change encription to use WEP the wireless network never work again. Its trying to get ip but noting . In windows xp with ou not sp2 i can see the AP. But cant connect.
Anyone can help me? Thanks

25.08.2004, 12:56
WEP connoted Wired Equivalent Privacy.

In fact you need the encryption Information ( like SSID for example) from your Company, or the Administrator of the WiFi network.
If you don not have this Informations, you could not connect to their Access Point.

31.08.2004, 18:50
I know the wep key. The problem is ... the wireless card these not receive any valid ip address and take a lot of time "thinking" . The Ap is one Intel PRO/wireless 2011B. Thanks

01.09.2004, 13:08
Hi, I think I found the solution in the FAQ !

Go to URL :http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com
Then goto "Support & Downloads" , click on "Support Homepage" and "Knowledgebase".

In the "FAQ Categories" search for "Wireless LAN"

Here you find "How do I use an Intel 2011 WiFi Access Point with Toshiba WiFi Clients? "


*rewardhunter* ;)