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28.03.2008, 17:10
Hello everyone,

I've just bought a Satellite U300 satellite and I hope you will forgive my ignorance, but I am new to the world of notebooks!

First, I would like to know whether it is better to use the notebook with or without the battery inside (I hardly move it from my desk). Some people tell me it is better to leave it inside, some say it is better to use the notebook without the battery so the battery's life will be prolonged and it will always be ready for use.

Second, what happens when I leave home for a couple of months or so? Should I leave the battery inside then or not, and what will happen to my data if the notebook remains switched off for such a long time?

Thank you all for your help, and sorry again for asking silly questions!


28.03.2008, 17:51
All those questions are not silly and it is really interesting how many different opinions you can find about this. Maybe most of people will not agree with me but my opinion is that you must not remove the battery. Notebook manyfacturers use latest technology level and batteries used today are much better as from few years.

What you can do is to run from time to time on battery power supply. I do it once a week. Just remove AC power supply and continue to work on battery power supply.

If you want to leave your notebook for months only thing you should do is to shut the notebook down regularly using START > Shut down option. Remove AC adapter from electricity on the wall.
What will happen to your data? Nothing. After few months connect your notebook to the AC power supply, start your notebook and you will have access to all your data.
Just for example: I have external HDD with all my important data saved on it. I do not use it so often but all saved data are there.

28.03.2008, 18:42
Hello Horwath,

and thank you very much for your answer !