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27.03.2008, 01:28
Hi all,

New to the forums but would like to share my re-found love of my laptop with you all.

First of all I am a big Toshiba fan.

My wife owned one and after several poor experiences with cheap laptops I decided to splash out on a Qosmio a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant. Great build / design functionality.

However as I started to travel it proved difficult to carry so I decided to purchase a Toshiba Satellite U300. Looks the business, great for the price.

Only slight downside is the slightly cheap feel to the keyboard but apart from that it looked all good.

Then I fired it up and all the issues started.

1. Slow to boot up.
2. Would often freeze after logging on.
3. Slow to do anything in Vista.
4. Installed a 3G modem which continually froze.
5. Connecting to a Lan would cause it to freeze.
6. Constant blue screen of death.

Sent it back to John Lewis and got a replacement.
This was marginally better but still froze a lot !!!

I was getting extremely frustrated as I had ZERO problems with my Qosmio.

I decided to zap Vista and see if my WinXP SP2 made a difference or if it was a hardware issue...

Putting XP back on proved tricky as the drive was not recognised some help from Toshiba would have been appreciated on this but managed to translate the spanish site in the forums and got it installed.


*What a difference not only is my laptop stable but it is fast!* Not gaming fast but I can do most things with very little lag.

*Great laptop* Toshiba once Vista is no longer on it ...... Would have liked an option to but the laptop with XP not Vista....

27.03.2008, 09:08
Thanks for this useful information about you experience.
I can confirm this too. The Vista OS needs a lot of hardware resources as early OS i.e XP.
Therefore all computers run slower with Vista as with XP… but I think this is nothing unusual due to the fact that the Vista supports new features like Aero, new Picture and Video folders, Direct10X, etc….


03.04.2008, 15:49

Friend of mine has the same notebook with WXP Pro. It runs very fast and I like it very much.

As you see Vista uses many resources and without max RAM it runs not so good. But I believe with max RAM and also a little bit optimized Vista it can run well.