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26.03.2008, 06:18
Is there any driver for display that work with Vista?
Is there any game or 3d application that works fine?

I've tried about 30 differnt versions, tried official (even chess in vista doesn't work properly it gives a driver error every minute) tried to launch games I have.

Even if it support Vista it simply doesn't work.
With SLI enabled or without it doesn't matter.
I've updated bios with latest availble from toshiba. It didn't help.

I've searched i-net for info and tried different solutions to make display driver work. I have 500mb display drivers from lap2go with huge number of infos for my nvidia card.

I don't know what to do. I'll try to go for XP.

26.03.2008, 16:55

Maybe you donít need any new display drivers but you have to change simply the SLI settings;

Check this article:

[*SLI performance may be less than twice that of a single GPU*|http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_dtlView.jsp?soid=1827225]


26.03.2008, 17:52
Let me desagree somehow.

Has he told, he tryed with and withdout SLI to play the game and the results were the same, maybe he needs new display drivers, since new drivers bring new profile settings as told in the article.

SLI performance may be less than a single GPU if you a have a game or aplication that doenst uses the SLI or if your using old drivers that arent "ready" to that game or graphic card.

Since the lastest display drives from toshiba to the x200 series are from 2007 pearhaps he really needs new drivers.


29.03.2008, 13:11

Found this post on nVision forum:

+I decided to create this new topic to finally put together everything in one topic so that this 'issue' can finally be put to bed.+

+1. Single GPU Sli mode does exactly what it say on the tin. Only one GPU is being used to render the frames (thanks to ChrisRay for confirming that). When you enable SLI in the control panel, thats all your doing, your enabling the SLI bridge and second card, your not actually using the second card until a profile is activated that has SFR/AFR/SLI AA enabled in the profile.+

+2. The latest sets of drivers are reporting the WRONG SLI mode in the profiles, they are incorrectly displaying Single GPU for some AFR settings that the UI doesnt recognise yet. If you want to check the correct SLI mode please download and install the latest version of nHancer.+

+3. Single GPU mode does NOT mean that both cards are rendering the frames as one 'huge' GPU, this is rubbish.+

+4. In your 'GLOBAL' 3D settings SLI Mode is there ONLY for when an application that makes a Direct3D or OpenGL call to the GPU's DOESNT have a profile. It defaults to Single GPU because this is the safest method of rendering when an application doesnt have a profile. If one of your games doesnt have a profile then it is far better to create a new profile for it than to rely on the global settings. Changing the Global SLI Performance mode setting does NOT change how 3DMark will perform (3DMark has its own profile with its own SLI mode specified, AFR2 or AFR3 if memory serves me correctly). While Game profiles can use the global settings, they never use the global SLI mode, SLI mode is always set specifically in each profile.+

Hope this post helps ppl with SLI understanding the configuration of the nvidia driver to really play games with the SLI feacture.

"...While Game profiles can use the global settings, they never use the global SLI mode, SLI mode is always set specifically in each profile."

Bottom line is: we need new display drivers to update the profiles list for recent games can use SLI.


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14.04.2008, 18:29
My recent response from Tosh though about the 8700M GT

Dear Andrew
Call Reference:
Unfortunately there are known stability problems between Microsoft Windows Vista and nVidia‚??s display drivers. We can see that the latest driver release from nVidia is the 1st April 2008 and the latest driver release from Toshiba is the 13th November 2007.

Hopefully we will be releasing updated display drivers soon and these should fix any issues you are having with regards to stability.

Although not an official recommendation, you may wish to try the nVidia Omega drivers from http://www.omegadrivers.net . Although you download and use these third party drivers at your own risk.

Please quote your call reference number as we can track your enquiry and refer to any previous communication.

19.04.2008, 17:10
HI ppl!

hey melbeams thanks for sharing the toshiba email, lets hope they really release updated display drivers ?:|

I found this guide about SLI, [SLi Guide (Installing, Troubleshooting + Increasing Performance|http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=202449|SLi Guide (Installing, Troubleshooting + Increasing Performance) ]*),*
it helped me to turn SLI "really" on/off even when the drivers dont have the game profile(old drivers and recent games):

+This is a continuation of "Guide A" if you still don't have good performance, but the main issues such as flickering/black screen/blue screen are gone.+

+1) Make sure SLi is enabled+

+This may sound dumb, but after installing new drivers, I sometimes forget to turn SLi on. (( Right click on your desktop : Nvidia Control Panel : Set SLi Config. tab : Enable SLi technology : Hit apply. ))+

+After you have enabled SLi, it will ask you if you want to close the needed applications. Hit "yes" and then don't click anything for 30 seconds. Some programs will close, the screen will go black. After it goes black, it will come back on again, and you will see a black screen with the "-" in the upper left hand corner. After that your desktop should come back, and it will ask you "do you want to keep these settings" click yes.+

+2) Make sure SLi performance mode is on the right setting.+

+By default, my card was set to "Single-GPU" I believe this means that only 1 GPU does the rendering, which I didn't want. This is something that I didn't notice until Brks pointed it out to me. (( Nvidia Control Panel : Manage 3D settings : Global Settings tab : SLi Performance Mode --> "Force alternate frame rendering 2" )). This will make it so that every other frame will be rendered by one card, and the other frame will be rendered by your other card. I have tried multiple modes, and I find this mode to be the best for stability/performance.+

+For high end games like Crysis, brks did a test. If you are experiencing poor performance with games like crysis, change "Force alternate frame rendering 2" to "Split Frame Rendering"+

+3) Make sure that your vitrual memory is working correctly (eightd wrote about this).+

Hope it helps :)


19.04.2008, 17:26

Found this guide about SLI/Drivers: [SLi Guide (Installing, Troubleshooting + Increasing Performance)|http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=202449]

It explains how to have sli always on, even when the drivers dont have the game profile.

hope it helps