View Full Version : TE2100 has 1 inch of display missing on the right side with WinXP

23.03.2008, 04:46
TE2100 has 1 inch of display missing on the right side with WinXP but it's not missing with Freespire.

Anyone know how to open up the screen full width? I thought Fn-F10 was for that but it does not function on either of my TE2100's. There is nothing missing "under" the blank 1 inch, it just is not using all of it for some reason. What gives? Thanks.


27.03.2008, 12:44
Did you check the graphic card properties if there is an option called “enable fullscreen” or something like this? Sorry but I don’t know the exactly designation.

You could also try to check the BIOS if there an similar option is available.

27.03.2008, 19:31
If you enter BIOS settings can you use full screen or is the situation the same?

29.03.2008, 05:18
Thanks for the help. I thought I knew how to get into my bios on this machine. Nope, not a clue. Esc, F1, F2, F8, don't work.
Any ideas?

02.04.2008, 23:48
Try updating the video drivers.
Tapping Esc when you press the power button should boot into BIOS.

05.04.2008, 18:26
Updating the display driver did the trick. Thanks devilmachine. Never thought that if the display was working that it might just need an update. Got the drivers from Toshiba's page.