View Full Version : Satellite x200 doesn't play HD DVD's

22.03.2008, 18:14
I have a problem with my Satellite X200 SLI laptop. The computer does not recognize HD DVD's and there for doesn't play them as well. But it plays DVD's fine.

Does anybody else has this problem?

24.03.2008, 01:21
I already updated the HD-DVD reader and still the same problem. Windows always tell me that the disc can't be recognized..
Strange it's able to read the discs name.. It identifies a movie's name (for example) but can't read what is on the disc.

Can anybody help me with this?

29.03.2008, 22:36
Hi there,

Did you checked your SLI is off? I had same problem before but once the sli is off then it plays hd dvd. If it didn't play then I would try with Toshiba HD DVD Launcher rather than Toshiba HD DVD Player.

I hope this might be some helps!


31.03.2008, 02:56
Well... And where can I see if it is on or off? (and where can I change it)

Anyway, isn't it supose to work with SLI on or off? I mean... shouldn't it be better to work with both graffics to read a high definition disc?

Thanks for the help!

31.03.2008, 16:29
well... Already did it... But everything stays the same...

11.04.2008, 12:06
Still having the same problem...
Anybody can help on this? I know there were some similar problems on this in other topics...

23.04.2008, 13:20
The Toshiba HD DVD player update and the new firmware update should help!

23.04.2008, 13:48
Well.. already did it and they didn't help.. everything stays the same.. not reading any HD-DVD...

thanks for the help anyway.

23.04.2008, 21:54
Hi there,

if you have followed the suggestion posted above and your drivers are okay and updated and still it didn't work then I would suggest you to contact your retailer or Toshiba. I assume that you have tried HD-DVD for HD-DVD player, coz normal DVD is not played by HD-DVD player.


25.04.2008, 02:46
Well.. With a quick search on the web you can find that there are some people with the similar issue...
Anyway.. I'll try to solve it with the retailer...

Thanks anyway