View Full Version : Satego / Satellite x200 - Locking for WXP installations CD

12.03.2008, 19:15

I have a Satego X200-21l with Windows Vista Home.
I bought me windows XP Home but I cannot install it.
With a floppy drive and the driver for SATA controller I can install it but it won’t work.
After install I got blue screen errors.

Can anyone upload me his original copy of Windows XP for an Satego / Satellite x200?
Or does anyone know where to get a copy?

12.03.2008, 19:23

Sorry but your question is pretty confused for me. At first it will be interesting to know which WXP installations CD you have used. Was it WXP SP1 or WXP SP2?
I ask this because it is well known that for WXP installation you must use WXP SP2 only.

Please note: special WXP installations CD for Satego / Satellite x200 does not exist.