View Full Version : Portege 3480ct: Cannot use the 16bit PCMCIA card

12.03.2008, 09:51

I got a Problem with a PCMCIA-Card (new media wave jammer, 16bit) on a 3480 with Win98 & XP.
The card appears as a unknown device only in the "remove Hardware"-Tool.

In the device-manager it isn't listed at all and Windows didn't ask for the driver.

Looks like a demaged card, but this card still works fine in another Notebook!
The Problem could be related to different Memory areas used by the Cardservice.

The Cardservice at the 3480ct seems not to be configurable.

What can i do?

12.03.2008, 10:34

The PCMCIA card doesn’t need an driver!
From my knowledge you should check the settings in the BIOS!

On the second BIOS page you should try to change the “Device Config” to All devices and in the PC card section you should set the controller mode to Cardbus/16bit

….then save the BIOS settings.

Maybe it helps