View Full Version : WinRE has changed in EISA-Configuration Satellite X200-R21

11.03.2008, 15:33
After using the recovring disk, the winRE partition has changed in EISA-Configuration.
How can I get the winRE partition back?

If you are speeking dutch, dan graag het antwoord in Nederlands (Bij voorbaat dank)

gr. JMMK

12.03.2008, 15:27
The winRE was a Primary partition and now it is not a primary partition anymore.
Can I look if the repaire software still is there to be used?
Or is it definitive lost.

12.03.2008, 15:37
Usually the Toshiba recovery CD formats the whole HDD and erases the partitions from the HDD and set the notebook back to the factory settings.

This means your OS will be installed on the first partition and the WinRE will be created on the second, hidden partition!

12.03.2008, 15:45
Thank you for your reply.

Do you mean that the EISA partition has the recovery files now?
Because I have the EISA and the C partition the seccond partition was a partition of +-90gb and i have removed that one but there was no winRE
And the seccond hard disc has not changed

12.03.2008, 16:22
Dear Coby

I really do not understand what happen on your notebook. If you use delivered recovery media you can use SETUP option to create partition C with defined capacity. After recovery procedure WinRE partition (1.5 GB) will be created automatically. Vista will be installed on C. Using options in “Disc Management” you can “activate partition D” or define partitions on second HDD.

That’s all!
Use recovery DVD, make clean OS installation, define partitions and be happy.

12.03.2008, 16:33
Think you are wright (must have something wrong there) I do it again and folow your instructions.

Thank you very much.