View Full Version : Drivers for Linux for Satellite A210-183

06.03.2008, 16:12
Where I can find the drivers for Fedora 8 i386, for Toshiba Satellite A210-183!!!!!

06.03.2008, 16:26
As you probably know, Toshiba doesn’t support the Linux OS and therefore the Toshiba Linux drivers are not released for any single Toshiba series…

Your last chance is to search on the chip manufacture websites for any single Linux drivers.

Good luck

06.03.2008, 16:49
Where i can find the chip manufacture???

06.03.2008, 17:08
I think you didn’t understand me correctly.

If you need WLan driver and you WLan card is from Intel then the chip manufacture is Intel ;)

If you need a sound driver and the sound chip is from Realtek then you have to search on Realtek website for Linux drivers…

By the way; such drivers are not tested and not certified therefore you can install it only at your own risk.

06.03.2008, 17:11
Ok thanks!!!

24.03.2008, 10:18
I think you should go to Fedora forums and post there. What drivers are you needing ? I'm on ubuntu but often the solutions are the same.