View Full Version : Battery on Satellite Pro L20 is not charging

01.03.2008, 01:05

new to this and not a technical person, please bear with me! My laptop is not charging the battery. the laptop works fine whn plugged in the mains. I also bought a another battery and still not charging. when I clik on th battery info it says unknown remaining. The orange light is constant flickering, when I take the battery out and put in bag in (did turn off the laptop first) the orange light stays on (without flickering) for about 5-10 minutes and then starts flickering again. Any idea what I can do to get my battery charged and be able to use it on battery?


02.03.2008, 15:31
Hi mate,

sounds like you charging electronic is defective. You said you have already bought another battery and it wonīt still charge. I can tell you itīs a technical problem on your mainboard and it would be better to contact some technician or authorized service partner because they will have to fix it.

If you need some technical help then go please on the [Toshiba website|http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/] -> Support & Downloads -> Support Homepage -> Repairs and Servicing - Find an authorized service provider

There you can find the nearest ASP in your country. Contact them and let them check your machine.


07.03.2008, 15:46
If there is the same result with two batteries it must be hardware related issue. As Johnny wrote, contact service provider in your country. They should check board electronic.