View Full Version : Broken lid and hinges replacement on Satellite Pro L100

29.02.2008, 01:22

I am hoping to find some info out if I can. I have a Satellite Pro L100 and I have had it for about 15 months, for the second time from new the lid is cracking around the hinge area, it is now out of warranty!! I know I need to replace the lid and the case around the screen, but do I need to replace the hinges as well?

I donā??t really want to spend on the case if the problem is going to come back, thanks.

29.02.2008, 22:50
Hi there,

I would suggest also to exchange the hinges, too, because the material surely started to be weakly and I think if you just exchange the lid and the case you will have the same problem after some time.

The new hinges should be harder and last longer..

My opinion ;)