View Full Version : Satelite Pro L20 - LAN Not working after OS re-install

26.02.2008, 22:23
I have just recently replaced my hard drive and I used the product recovery disk etc.

WXP loaded perfectly and now my wired LAN does not seem to want to work. All it is giving me a limited or no connectivity.
I have tried to uninstall and re-install the drivers, manually enter the IP settings and still nothing will work.

I wondered if anyone else has had this issue before and could offer me any advice.

Many thanks in advance


29.02.2008, 22:27
Maybe you should check your settings at your router. Maybe some wrong DNS,Subnetmask, etc.

Did you already checked the cable?? Perhaps the cable is malfunctioning. Just cross-check it with another cable.

Would appreciate to get some feedback from you.
By the way, which operating system do you use?