View Full Version : Cannot see fullscreen videos on Satellite U-series

Anton Derer
24.02.2008, 01:28
It's ok when I watch tv on my laptop. But when I want to watch it on full screan so there is problem.
Because i can't see anything just black screen. But I can hear sound.
I've got my laptop for 3 months and everything was ok. This problem started just 2 days ago.
Could you help me please?

24.02.2008, 15:17
Hi friend,

a little suggestion from my side: Download the latest drivers for your graphics card and your TV-tuner. Install them and check if it works. Usually such a problem is driver related, so if you update your software, the problem should disappear.

Just a little question besides: when exactly did the problem start? Did you installed recently some new software or drivers on your machine?

Thx and Greetings

28.02.2008, 17:05
As far as I know Satellite U notebooks have not TV tuner. So I would like to know how you watch TV. If you use some additional software for watching TV I recommend you to contact their support. The fact is that Toshiba does not support third part software and third part external devices.