View Full Version : Tecra 8100: Advice please - replace audio board?

21.02.2008, 17:32
My faithful and beloved Tecra 8100 which is ideal for my purposes locked up the other day in the middle of a session.

Restarting windows resulted in the machine locking once Windows was running.
I started in safe mode - no problem.
I disabled all unnecessary devices and then went through a process of elimination by selectively enabling devices and rebooting.
I found that the problem was the Yamaha audio device - enable it and the machine would lock up, disable it and it would run normally.
It has been running fine now for a day with the Yamaha audio device disabled.
I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the device - no change.
I even did a fresh XP install - no change.

I have run XP pro for over a year without a problem (up to now) and I don't regard audio as critical - just a nice to have.

My questions are:

Is there anything else I should do in the way of diagnosis?

Any hints for commonly encountered problems?

Can anybody with experience of fixing these machines or similar advise if replacing the audio board assembly is likely to effect a repair?

I seem to remember from the last time I opened it up about two years ago to change the cpu that the audio assembly was on a separate board but is that everything?

Note that this is an _ancient_ machine and is _not_ going to be taken to a repair shop where the bill would be more than it is worth! I am competent to replace the audio board, more than that and I'll probably continue to run it sans audio - I don't think it worth replacing the system board just for audio...

Many thanks in advance for any constructive suggestions.

21.02.2008, 18:39
Well, as you know such replacements are very tricky…
However, I don’t think that you will be able to replace such sound board… but it’s my personal opinion.

From my experience I know that the Yamaha sound card (sound driver) is not fully compatible with Win XP SP1 and SP2. The sound driver update is necessary.

Google for that…

I have searched a little bit for some instructions how to remove such boards and found this page.

There you should find a link to the page how to disassemble the Tecra 8100.


22.02.2008, 03:21
Thanks Chad,

I don't understand your comment, it seems to me that replacement is easy, what difficulty makes you think I would not be able to replace it?

There is no Toshiba issued update for the sound driver that I can find. On the Yamaha site the driver set dsxgxp.exe which I think would be correct will not install. I unzipped dsxgxp.exe and tried to update the device driver but it failed to find DS1.sys.

If you know of an update that works I would be very grateful if you would let me know where I can get it. However I have run this laptop for over a year on the standard XP installed drivers with no sign of instability. I think I am looking at a hardware failure and am seeking advice from someone with experience of repairing a similar fault.

Thanks for the link to the disassembly information. This is not a problem for me as I have already had the laptop apart to replace the CPU which I mentioned in my original post.


01.03.2009, 02:47
Meant to update ages ago but forgot...
I bought a cheap replacement for the audio board off EBay and that fixed it.
So my TECRA 8100 has a new lease of life...

01.03.2009, 09:49
Nice to hear.

Good job, buddy! :)