View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 would not post.

16.02.2008, 16:23
I have been given a Satellite Pro L20 which had presumably overheated (was running with intake covered and switched itself off for good).

So far I had removed everything and mobo appears intact. I had cleared cmos and disconnected the battery, reseated processor (tested ot in a separate laptop - okay) and tried to boot to internal/external screen with no effect. It starts okay, fan spins and responds to shortcuts buttons / addresses optical and hard drive but gives no video output. I cannot test ddr2 memory as the other laptop has ddr.

Is there a way to test video output somehow? Tried F5 (with external monitor connected) quite a few times but not sure if it responded to it at all. It reacts to wireless/reset, powers up/down and changes corresponding LED s but gives no be eps whatsoever. And board has no led indicators. Power up with F12 does not do anything. And there is an audible click when you start up (through headphones).

Any ideas would be very welcome.

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16.02.2008, 18:19
Did you already thougt about that the mainboard could be faulty? I mean the machine gives some little responses but it wonīt come up anyways. It could be:

- malfunctioning RAM
- overheaten CPU
- some resistor or capacitor on the board
- maybe you forgot something or some metal inside of the machine was bend which causes some short-circuit (There was already such case some weeks ago here in the forum, the guy disassembled the machine again and found out that some metal shielding from the base which was bend during reassembling the notebook. It caused an short-cicuit and the machine didnīt come up..)
- some defective device (like HDD, modem, keyboard, mouse, any other PCB) which results in non-boot.

Please check the machine thoroughly (maybe it would be good to disassemble it again), so if the machine after checking wonīt come up then you should give the machine to an toshiba technician. Maybe he knows better?


16.02.2008, 20:42
Thanks for reply.

I tried to boot inside and outside of the case. Mobo appears okay â?? nothing burned I re-applied paste on CPU/Graphics/Chipset. CPU is tested fine. HDD/optical do not matter â?? should POST without.

Memory is a valid point (only one stick) but i guess if it was a memory fault the screen should light up.

Ignoring keyboard is normal if the system cannot POST.

For me it is

A faulty mobo (but responding to power correctly and charging battery/disconnecting charge when needed plus addressing optical and HDD and making sound â?? so open to doubt)

A BIOS issue (unlikely since i have cleared CMOS and disconnected 3V for a while)

A memory issue - I have no idea how this laptop should behave with no memory/faulty memory. (at least backlight on the screen should come up) So far tried with/without/ in different slot - same story.

So it lights up the power LED up and aggressing HDD/optical with no screen and no reaction to keyboard. Fan is okay and spinning. Flash F12 power up does not work since no keyboard.


16.02.2008, 21:09
Hm, there are several symptoms for faulty memory modules. I mean, it could surely be that the memory module is gone. Did you tried some another well-known-working module?

I would tend to memory or mobo.. Until you didnīt checked if the machine works with another module you canīt say itīs the mobo. All other devices and peripherals can be excluded.