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11.02.2008, 15:14

I have an issue where my laptop starts up automatically after seemingly going into hibernation and shutting down by closing the lid. (I have it configured so it goes into hibernation when i close the lid.)
The strange thing is that this only happens when it's hooked up to the power supply. If i close the lid when it's on battery power it goes into hibernation and remains shut down as it should.

This all started when i changed my power scheme from "Balanced" to "Performance". Setting it back to "Balanced" did not help, nor did setting it to the lowest setting. Also, it used to come back out of hibernation automatically after i opened the lid, this no longer happens either.

I am unsure of whether this is a software or hardware issue.

Over the weekend i've reinstalled the laptop using the supplied recovery discs and applied all updates and patches for Vista but the problem remains, so now i am leaning more towards it being a hardware issue even though i have no idea what kind of hardware malfunction could be causing this.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this behavior?

14.02.2008, 19:54
All those settings are well known to me because I use Satellite P200 with Vista. I have tested almost everything regards to Power saver settings and everything works well. Power saver for L40 and P200 is the same and there is no difference. Because of that I can really not imagine there is some hardware problem.

I hope you understand very well that you can set all this stuff for all three profiles in two possible situations (on battery and plugged in). What should happen when the lid is closed belongs to Vista power settings. Try please to change all those settings in “Advanced power settings”.

To be honest I believe you do something wrong.

16.02.2008, 03:31

I have the same problem.
Have you already find out whath is the cause of the problem?
I will wait for solution.

best regards

17.02.2008, 12:27

Do you already have a solution?
I'm having a P200 for about two months now, but only the last several days it restarts after shutdown.
I'm also having trouble with waking-up after hibernation mode


18.02.2008, 19:07

Thanks for the replies. I'm afraid i haven't found any solution yet.

Over the weekend I installed Ubuntu on this laptop and tried to hibernate but it demonstrated the exact same behaviour as under Vista. it shuts down and like 10 seconds after it boots back up. this leads me to believe that the problem is hardware related in some way. it would surprise me that both vista and a linux distro would have the exact same issues. So now i'm back on the Vista i restored using the restore discs.

I haven't tried installing a windows xp yet though i suspect i'll have the same issues.

The thing is that the problem isn't in windows hibernating or not shutting down when the lid closes. It does that part just fine. What it shouldn't do however is restarting by itself whithout my intervention several seconds after it shut down. no matter the setting, that can't be normal behaviour.

@borge & Jonnie
Have any of you already had contact with the toshiba helpdesk on this issue? if so, what did they say? i haven't had the time to call them yet.

I'll update as i find out more.

18.02.2008, 22:37
I found out that the computer shuts down correctly when it's working only with battery but when it's receiving energy directly the problem persists, that is, it doesn't shuts down correctly, it rebbots over and over.

what can it be causing that?


25.02.2008, 10:26
It's the same for me borge. It doesn't matter how i shut it down while it's on external power, it keeps booting back up.

I called the helpdesk today and outlined the problem, the guy on the phone immediately said i had to bring it in for repairs without offerring any software or bios fix so there probably isn't one. It seems i have no choice but it carry it in.

Luckily this laptop is still under warranty so repairs won't cost me. Guess i'll just have to live without my laptop for a while.

25.02.2008, 10:31
See if it still exhibits the same behavior after you've reinstalled your laptop with the recovery discs. (this will delete *all* your data, it will also remove and reset all your hard disk partitions to default, so make sure you backup your stuff to an external disk / usb stick / dvd).

it'll probably be one of the things the guys at the toshiba helpdesk will ask you to do to confirm that the problem isn't with your windows installation so you might want to beat them to it. ;)

21.07.2008, 11:12
> {quote:title=borgesmh wrote:}{quote}
> I found out that the computer shuts down correctly when it's working only with battery but when it's receiving energy directly the problem persists, that is, it doesn't shuts down correctly, it rebbots over and over.
> what can it be causing that?
> Thanks.

Hi, Maria! I am experiencing exactly the same issue with my Toshiba Satellite. I've tried practically everything to solve this, all to no avail. Have you encountered a solution yet?! I would sincerely appreciate a reply...this stupid problem is driving me CrAzY!

Thank you very much! :)