View Full Version : Satellite X200-20G: Question about BIOS 2.20

11.02.2008, 13:28

Could you please bring me some lights on the warning which introduces the BIOS 2.20 upgrade:

*!!!* Upgrade the BIOS from Windows XP BIOS V5.10 only to VISTA BIOS V2.20 or higher *!!!*

Mainly I am interested in understanding what is the relationship with XP.

I have a Satellite X200-20G with the first hard drive loaded with Vista (default configuration) and a XP Home edition on the second Hard drive and I use the BIOS menu to boot on one side or the other.

Thank you

11.02.2008, 13:54

On some notebooks the BIOS must be updated to the XP version if the Win XP OS was installed.

The warning message says that if you have already updated the BIOS to XP version 5.10 then you could update it again only to the BIOS 2.20 Vista version.

But it looks like the XP BIOS version for Sat X200 doesn’t exist at this time and in my opinion you could overlook this ;)

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11.02.2008, 15:03
Thank you *Eldorado*, It makes more sense to me now.

As my current BIOS is 2.10 and as I never loaded any XP BIOS (as you said none exists for the X200 20G anyway), then I will upgrade to 2.20.

Thank you.

11.02.2008, 15:11
Glad I could help you. Bye