View Full Version : USB floppy not recognized during WinXP installation on Satellite Pro L40

Plasma Dan
10.02.2008, 01:14
The story:

I bought a Satellite Pro L40, it came with windows vista. I cannot stand windows vista for obvious reasons. so I formatted the HDD. I have a copy of windows XP.

Iv'e read on the internet I need the Intel storage manager driver.......

I´ve got the driver, got it onto a floppy, and it does recognise it, because when I start to install XP, (after pressing F6 & selecting the driver to install) it does work. I get to the licence agreement part, press F8 to accept............

I select the partition I wish to use (formatted over vista completely). It starts to load more stuff.... then it says "PLEASE INSERT DISK LABELD - INTEL MATRIX STORAGE MANAGER DRIVER - INTO DRIVE A:" "PRESS ENTER WHEN READY!"

The disk I used in the first place is still in. when I press enter, NOTHING HAPPENS (the USB floppy drive doesn't even kick-in)

How can I get it to work? That is as far as I can get.


14.02.2008, 14:58
This could happen if the USB floppy drive doesnt support the right standards. Some people have reported on different websites that many floppy disk drives are not recognized.

However, do worry dude. Ive got a solution ;) (jeaaa :D )

Try to create a new XP CD using the software called nLite!
Then you could include the SATA driver (Intel Matrix Storage Manger) into this new CD and then you could boot from the new XP CD.

For details and how to use the nLite please Google because there are many useful websites.


19.02.2008, 12:34
I do not know which floppy drive you use but I have tested it with older Toshiba one and Satellite P200. The FDD is recognized properly and I was able to install Matrix storage driver without any problems.