View Full Version : Question about USB mobile modem

08.02.2008, 21:34
I have Toshiba Equium with Vista Home Premium. I connect to the internet using a huawie mobile modem. It comes pre installed with it drivers you just plug in and it installs its own software.

I have noticed it will only work on the USB port where I originally installed from and not the other. I have uninstalled the software and tried installing from the other port and this works so itís not the USB ports.

Any ideas?

13.02.2008, 18:56
Sorry Garbi but I do not understand what your problem is. According to your posting this modem works with your Equium notebook. The modem is recognized properly and I do not see any problem there.

By the way this modem has nothing with Toshiba and if you have problems to connect it to internet you should contact huawei support.

27.05.2008, 15:16
this is because each of the usb ports have thier own drive letter e.g. on my pc they vary from e,f,g,h,i,j depending on how many are connected and if there is a hub or whatever

when the software was installed the directions to reach the usb modem were go to drive e.g. [J]

when you plug it into another port the eltter changes as it is in a different place so when your software tries to find it, it will look in the specified place and it will see nothing is plugged therefore will think that no modem is connected at all.


hope it helps