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09.02.2008, 07:47
I recently bought a reconditioned Portege 4010 and it works great, except that the sound glitches a lot. It seems to be random, can occur like once in 3-4 seconds or it can sound fine for a few minutes then *glitch glitch glitch*. It sounds like the tempo of the sound is slowed down and then catches back up, and it sometimes makes a popping sound.

I previously had a Portege 4000 , which made a little popping sound every once in a while, but it occured rarely, like once every 30 minutes, and was hardly noticeable. On this 4010 it is much worse.

I have all the official Toshiba drivers, running a tweaked installation of XP SP2. I have tried a clean install and the sound has the same glitches.

Right now i am using the ULi drivers i found on the Nvidia download page, they helped a bit, the sound bugs now occur more sporadically, but when they do occur (once every couple minutes or so), they are still as bad as they initially were. Also, the ULi drivers are the only sound drivers i could find that have proper volume levels, with the drivers found on your site the Wave volume distorts when turned over 20-25%, now i don't have to worry as even if it gets set to max like some games do, the sound won't be distorted. I had the same problem on my old Portege 4000, back then i didn't know about the drivers fix and used a volume limiting program to force "naughty" apps and games to respect the mixer settings.

The 4010 is such a great portable, when using a second battery it gets the same 5-hour battery life of the 4000, and with more processing power. It's a shame that a minor thing like a sound chip ruins all the fun. Yes, i know it's pretty old, but as long as it gets its job done that doesn't matter.

So is there any fix i can try? Thanks in advance.

09.02.2008, 12:10
Well, never mind, i fixed it. I found this great program named DPC Latency Checker, and it helped me determine it was the wireless card inducing delays and messing up the sound. I happened to have another card lying around, i replaced the one that was in the notebook and now it's all working fine.

12.02.2008, 17:46
Good work!