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07.02.2008, 12:35
Good morning, I have a brand-new Satellite Pro L40 and the Synaptic mousepad has stopped operating.
When I go to COntrol Panel > Mouse I get a message teling me that the system is "Unable to connect to the Synaptic Pointing Device Driver.
I haven't installed another mouse, so I have declined uninstalling the driver, another dialogue box informs me that the "Windows (Vista) host process Rundll32 has stoped working", advising me that " a problem caused the oprogram working corectly" and that "Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available", the only option is then to Close Program.
Although the mouse works, on the whole, I have lost the advanced scrolling and tapping features oft he mousepad, a bit disappointing in a Laptop lesst han a month old.
Any suggestions? The Laptop did nto come with a Vista installation CD, should I have one? Can I re-install the driver? Is it available on the Toshiba website? What and where should I look?
Many thanks to all and any who might be able to help.
Toni M.

07.02.2008, 14:39
OK, so it's probably not usual to answer oneself, and it may well be a sign of madness, but I have found a solution and wanted to share it, as well as prevent anyone wasting precious time replying.

As I typed the question the old adage "the answer to a question may lie within the question itself" drifted into my small brain.
It occurred to me that, as the Windows error messages pointed to a Driver problem, the simplest solution might be to search for one and and re-install it; so I found the Downloads > Vista Drivers > Synaptic Pointing Device driver, downladed and installed it, and Hey Presto! Back to scrolling and tapping-up for England!

Goes to show the wisdom of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, encapsulated in the legend on its cover:


Thanks a million if you took the time to look at this and, if you have a similar problem, take heart, the solution is right here!



07.02.2008, 14:41
Split personality, me! One beginner one savvy have-a-go heroine!