View Full Version : Satellite Pro A40 - mini PCI card installation problems

06.02.2008, 22:07
I hope someone can help.

I have installed a Atheros ar5005gs - askey AR5BMB5 - PA3416U-1MPC but it just keeps saying NOT CONNECTED. I've tried wireless zero config but that doesn't work.

I've downloaded the latest drivers. I'm not sure which utility software I should use. I have tried another mini card and that worked fine. (INTEL) What do I need to do next or try?

11.02.2008, 18:21
Sorry but I must ask you something: why you use Atheros card if Intel works well?

09.12.2008, 07:57
Also have the Intel mini-cards but Askey AR5BMB5 is always working at 54.o mps and the driver that works is Atheros AR5001 around $7.00 at eBay while the Intel is about double the price.
Why pay big bucks when you can get away on the cheap.

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