View Full Version : Artifacts (green and black blinking pixels) when playing video X200

06.02.2008, 12:18
Hello there,

I recently bought a Toshiba X200-191.
After a while I noticed green and black dots while playing video, watching pictures and sometimes on the vista aero interface. When I use the vista fancypants 3d window flipping until the problem disappears for a while... but eventually comes back.

I did a bit of research and found with the Nvidia performance monitor that the frequency on the GPU and memory is changing a lot (even in performance mode!!) from the normal values of GPU @ 625Mhz and memory @ 702MHz to 168Mhz and 100MHz respectively. The pixel problems occur when the MHz are in the low values.

I use the laptopvideo2go drivers 167.45
(it's a pity that Toshiba hasn't released new drivers for a while :(

Anyhow... is this a driver related problem or is this some hardware failing like faulty memory, gpu or even power supply?

11.02.2008, 17:47

To be honest, I am afraid it can be some hardware problem. To be sure about that I recommend you to use delivered recovery media and install OS again to have “factory settings”. Test it with original recovery image. It the problem persists it can be hardware problem. If not, probably because of non-supported driver.

Please inform us about results.

11.02.2008, 18:45
Hi Silas, thanks for the reply :)

i have been searching a little more and found the following: if i overclock the memory in 2d standard mode to 150Mhz the problem disappears :) no more artifacts and the x200 runs very stable!

15.03.2008, 14:14

I have the same Problem here with a Satego X200-21U and the Fix with overclock is working here too.