View Full Version : SDHC Cards in Libretto U100

05.02.2008, 22:17
Hi I have just become the proud owner of a Libretto U100. I have a number of SDHC cards 4Gb/8GB/16GB. These do not seem to be recognised by the SD card reader in the U100. I installed Microsofts Hotfix:
WindowsXP-KB934428-v3-x86 and the cards were seen by the U100 but when the card is accessed the U100 locks up and I have to reboot. If I leave the card in then the U100 boots to a black screen requiring a further hard reboot with the SD card removed.

I have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 but still the same problem occurs. Can this be fixed with a software patch or is the Libretto U100 SD card reader limited to 2GB SD cards.

many thanks


10.02.2008, 14:05
Hi mate,

I checked several sites and couldnīt find any information bus as I know there should be a SDHC controller version 1.2 in this machine (which is very unusual) and I am not sure if the controller can handle cards above 2GB.

So, I assume that the reader can just handle cards up to 2GB.


P.S.: You can try a BIOS update but I am not sure if it would solve anything