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03.02.2008, 15:06

I think I bought toshiba tecra 8100 on summer (when I got money), but I have question; what is this laptop processor?
I have read that, it is 600mhz, 700mhz, 800mhz and 850mhz, but what it is really are? Or it is possible overclock via bios etc?

03.02.2008, 17:11

I don´t understand the question what a laptop processor is. It´s the thing which makes your computer "computing" or thinking. Whatever.
The speed is defined in Mhz, so it depends from the model how many Mhz the CPU of your machine has.

The exact clock speed is written on the little label on the bottom of your machine. You can also try CPU-Z to determine the exact speed of your CPU.

And NO, it´s not possible to overclock the machines CPU.


06.02.2008, 09:26

My english is not perfect, so its harder to aks questions etc...

but anyway, whats toshiba tecra 8100 prosessor clock speed? I readed that are 600 - 850mhz, but what it is realy are? [this|http://www.ciao.co.uk/Toshiba_Tecra_8100__17247] says prosessor clock speed are 600mhz, but some other web pages says it is 800mhz :\ .

06.02.2008, 09:50

Tecra 8100 is produced over longer period of time and Toshiba offered several models with different processors. Because of that you have found this info about different processors.

If you want to buy Tecra 8100 you can make choice and search a model with favorite processor inside. Overlocking on mobile …. Sorry but it is completely wrong platform for overlocking. Why overlocking? Buy newer notebook and you will have notebook with better performance.

Please note that Tecra 8100 is about 7 or 8 years old notebook model. If you need it for “everyday” work you make clean OS installation, be sure the notebook is clean and there is no dust inside. It will be enough to be happy with this “oldie”.

08.02.2008, 20:28