View Full Version : Satellite U300: Toshiba DVD player does not work properly

02.02.2008, 19:08
Hello, yesterday I downloaded a new driver for the Toshiba DVD player (only had the laptop a week or so).

Now when I attempt to play a DVD it tells me "Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the Fn+F5 keys after ending the application"

Now, I have closed the dvd and then done as it said with the Fn+F5 keys but this seems to get me nowhere. It appears the laptop and lcd icons are highlighted.

Any suggestions please?

02.02.2008, 19:40
Hi mate,

it seems that the driver has some kind of problems. What you could try is to rollback the system to an earlier restore point.
With many luck you could play your DVD´s again with the Toshiba player, but I would suggest you to wait till the next update, maybe they will fix that issue.

You can alternatively use the "VideoLan" player which is freeware and probably one of the best available players which can play almost all existent formats. If you would like to try the player, then just go here -> www.videolan.org/

Otherwise you can perform a recovery, use the Toshiba DVD player and wait till toshiba releases a new update which works..


23.05.2008, 03:53
I have the same problem with my Satellite Pro U300. It's only a few weeks old. Today I tried to play a DVD movie for the first time and I got an error message from three different players:

(1) Toshiba DVD player: Error message as above.
(2) Windows Media player: "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings..."
(3) Real player: same error message as Windows Media player.

I've followed all advise given by WMP: change display settings, reinstall display driver, etc. Not fixed.

I'm running Windows Vista 32bit. Is this a problem with the operating system? Window XP Pro on my other laptop has never had this problem.

Please has anyone had this same problem fixed?

23.05.2008, 09:46
I have noticed the same on my Satellite P200. At the beginning everything was Ok but after few months of usage something goes wrong and I can not use Toshiba DVD player anymore. I really do not understand why this happen. Now I have removed it from the system. Anyway I use now alternative player. It is VLC player and it works perfectly.

I know that after using recovery media the player will work again but I do not use it so often and I really do not want to delete perfectly configured Vista.

24.05.2008, 17:11
I seem to have fixed the problem. I found the answer in another thread, but I don't remember how to get there anymore,... but anyway this is what I did. I downloaded and installed the audio driver from Realtek.

Copy and paste the address below onto your web browser.


Download and install the driver. You may have to restart the computer.

I hope this helps you. Cheers...