View Full Version : Satellite Pro L100 centrino duo T2400 temperatures

02.02.2008, 00:33
Does somebody knows about the normal temperature of the processors because my are centrino duo t2400 sometimes over 90 celsius and how to solve this problem.


02.02.2008, 16:31
First of all: how do you know that your centrino is operating at 90° celsius? Which application do you use to measure the temperatures?

In most of the cases regarding temperature measuring on mobile system you have to know that the temperatures are displayed much more higher than they are.
The problem is that the sensors in mobile computers are much more different then in desktop mainboards but the applications are mainly designed to read the temperatures out from these desktop boards but not mobile mainboards which results in false (or too high) temperatures.


06.02.2008, 14:11
I agree with Dennis. Many people use different “freeware” software. I have tested “Notebook Hardware Control” tool. You can test it too.

Anyway, if your notebook runs well and there is no suddenly switching OFF you can use it without any problems. Be sure the cooling fan grill is not blocked and notebook can be cooled properly. That’s all.

In my opinion there is no reason for panic.