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01.02.2008, 11:04

I just bought a Satellite X200 with Vista preinstalled. For gaming reasons, I want to make it dual-bootable with XP.
When I try to install XP, it tells me that no harddisks are found. It seems to me the XP install CD (SP 1, 2 and 3) does not include the appropriate drivers for the HD/controller.

The download/driver pages of toshiba do not provide any HDD drivers for XP.... do you know where to get them alternatively?
Maybe download them from the original supplier (e.g. intel) but what version/type is on board fo the x200 ?

Many thanks in advance (next lan party is in 2 weeks, so I am hoping to solve this quickly :-) )


01.02.2008, 11:24
> The download driver page of Toshiba do not provide any HDD drivers for XP.... do you know where to get them alternatively?

Sure it provides the right SATA driver. You need the Intel Storage Manager!
To include the SATA driver you will need an external floppy disk drive. If you don’t have such floppy drive you could use the freeware software called “nLite” to include the SATA driver into the XP OS.

Google for nLite!

01.02.2008, 11:27
Wow that's fast.... thanks, I'll give it a try!

01.02.2008, 11:32
Yea… I’m “speedy” dude ;)

Best regards

01.02.2008, 12:24
:-) maybe you can speed this one up also:
the download page gives an error: page cannot be displayed, something wrong at the download site part?

It tries to fetch the file from support2-toshiba-tro.de


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Found it on this location: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-file.../stormng-20070827133046.zip


01.02.2008, 12:36
You can download the Intel Matrix Storage Manager from the Intel page.
This is the same driver.

01.02.2008, 13:57
Jayjay, same question for the Nvidia Geforce drivers for the X200....


01.02.2008, 14:14
You can download it from the Tosh page… at this time seems that the driver server is under construction. I would recommend checking this in next few days. Bye

01.02.2008, 14:25
Sorry to bother again.... the driver download page does not show any video/nvidia drivers....... should \i look somewhere else?

01.02.2008, 14:31
I have read in this forum that the XP is not fully supported on the X200 and therefore the graphic driver could be not available.
In such case you could check the 3rd party website like www.omegadrivers.net or www.laptopvideo2go.com.

But note that these drivers are not tested on the Toshiba notebooks and therefore you can install it only at your own risk