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25.03.2005, 09:32

I own a Toshiba A20-S103. When I purchased the unit it did not have wireless. I have the switch but no wireless. I would like to install it but I do not like the card solutions mainly due to the portruding antennas and the special care I imagine you have to have for such a solution (not to break the card due to carelesness). Now I opened my laptop and I have the empty mini PCI slot and the antenna cables. I found several mini PCI cards on Toshiba's site in the communication section of the Options and Accesories. The problem I have now is that even if I found two mini PCI 802.11a/b/g cards that seem to be compatible with my model, I can not decide which one is best since the information provided for each of them is identical. The only thing that seems to be different is the part number (PA3318U-2MPC and PA3298U-1MPC). Also there are a two 802.11b/g cards that are compatible with my model but again I can not make up my mind due to the fact that the info provided for these cards does not help in making a distinction between them. By looking into the manual I found that my model suports only 802.11a/b (or at least so they say). And there is a mini PCI 802.11g on Toshiba's site that is not compatible with my model. So this made me wonder if I can have a 802.11g card. I would really like it for the higher speeds that it will support. I do not want to pay extra bucks for a PCI 802.11a/b/g card only to find out that I can only conect at 11Mbps and not 54 or so... Also I found on the internet some 802.11g cards that promise speeds higher than 54Mbps. Does Toshiba provide such a solution? If not are there third party 802.11g cards that are compatible with my model? I hope there is someone out there who can help me sort out this mess.

29.03.2005, 09:32
Hi Stefan

It is not easy to give you a proper answer. In my opinion it should work but it is also important to install a proper driver for wireless card. I am pretty sure that it is possible to install driver for another notebook model that use the same wireless card. Maybe it will be better to contact Service partner and ask them because they have this kind of information and more experience with this stuff.

29.03.2005, 13:38
Hello Barrie,

First of all thanks for your reply. I will have to look for a service partner in Romania probably. So far no luck with finding one but I must confess I did not look very hard :-). I was kind of hoping I will be able to do this myself and save some time and money. It seems that this forum is kind of slow though. What I need to know is if my model can:

- support the higher speeds 802.11g provides
- what model of WiFi mini PCI card to buy since the information provided on Toshiba's site does not help at all since there are several models that seem to be the same from the info provided. I would really like to buy from Toshiba to be on the safe side.

Once more thanks

01.04.2005, 10:04
Hi again

Every time when I read about seller’s promises I am very skeptical about it. On Toshiba site there are two wireless cards and they are absolutely compatible with your unit.

Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (802.11b/g) with part number PA3300U-1MPC and
Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (802.11a/b/g) with part number PA3298U-1MPC.

Like you can see difference is just speed standard. I really don’t know if they support speeds higher as 54 Mpbs but in my opinion standard g is fast enough if you need fast wireless connection. I use it too with 2,4 GHz and 802.11 g router.

Anyway like I said on Toshiba site there is a proper instruction which card you can use with your notebook and in my opinion you should buy the first one (PA3300U-1MPC). Belive me with this card you will be definitely on “safe side”.

18.04.2005, 07:58
Hello Barrie,

Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry for not answering sooner but I was kind of swamped and to be honest at a certain point I gave up hope I will receive an answer :-) ... Ok. Then I will try to buy PA3300U-1MPC.

A nice day and once again thanks,