View Full Version : Satellite X200-219: Question about display driver update?

29.01.2008, 16:57
Do the sad tales i've been hearing about laptop manufacturers never updating gfx card drivers apply to toshiba?

Any info on whether an update for their SLi systems' display drivers is on the horizon?

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31.01.2008, 22:09
The fact is that display driver cannot be updated every few days like for desktops. The priority by notebook manufacturers is to care about hardware functionality. Using new drivers the graphic card will be forced to run faster and better offering better graphic performance. The result is mostly overheating and can end with defective graphic card.

In this case the whole mainboard must be exchanged and it costs a lot of money. So, I think nobody can say for sure when the next driver will be available.

05.02.2008, 13:01
I agree with Horwath. Notebook manufacturers have priority to protect hardware components and do not offer any risky display drivers. If something goes wrong and many graphic cards will be defective who should pay the repair. Manufacturers itself? I do not think so.

If you are gaming freak it is better to buy desktop. On this way you can upgrade graphic cards and always have possibility to install latest available display driver.