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28.01.2008, 18:24

Last summer we purchased twenty Satellite Pro A100 laptops for use in our school. In the last six months, we have had several issues with keys detaching from the keyboard. This is a great disappointment as it was at my suggestion that we purchase Toshiba laptops. Is there any way we can get this situation remedied? I think the easiest approach would be to transfer all the “missing” keys onto one laptop and then return it, however if this is going to be an ongoing problem with losing keys then I would prefer that another solution be found.

I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible, as we are currently without the use of these machines.


Simon Robinson
ICT Technician
Winchester House School

28.01.2008, 20:37
Hello Simon

I read this forum for a long time because I use Toshiba notebooks for years. To be honest your story is really amazing. For me key detaching cannot be done without using a power and pull them upwards. Every single key is secured with small plastic hooks. I use keyboard on my Satellite M70 (older than your A100) every day and pretty intensively but keyboard is still in good order.

Please do not be mad on me but usage in school is also .... how to say ... in question. Are you sure that the pupils in your school use notebooks properly? In my opinion you should contact nearest authorized service partner and try to clarify the situation.

01.02.2008, 16:58

Thanks for your reply. I've also used Toshibas for years with no problems. However, I will try to ask one of the ASP technicians for a help.