View Full Version : Satellite U300 battery issues

27.01.2008, 19:14
I've just bought a U300-130 notebook.
First time i've charged the battery, I switched the notebook off and it showed that battery is fully charged after 30 minutes.
Is that normal - I mean so quick - (I've started charging battery after battery was completely over)?
Same time after I turned the unit back on it shows 95 % remaining battery - why it is not 100 %???
And battery is over for less then 2 hours (I am not using speaker or playing cd, dvd etc.). only typing! pls advise???

27.01.2008, 21:37

please, just use the machine and donīt think about such things you do. There is no problem, your machine is working well without errors.
The battery was already charged and proved in the factory so just let the machine charge the battery, and the rest would be handled by the charging electronic.

Look, it would seem now very weird but a Lithium-Ion battery is such an complex peripheral, so just let it work and it will work as it should. :)