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28.01.2008, 07:19
My A200 - 1 GB's modem is not working properly. It tries to connect but at last it says remote computer is not responding. As i noticed It has a "Agree" 56kpbs modem.
It shown as Toshiba Software Modem.

I tried so many times it doesn't work properly.
I tried by changing the assigned COM ports to several other COM ports like COM1,COM10,COM 4 ext... same thing occurs.

When I diagnose the modem via the modem properties no matters found.
Same as when I'm dialing through the modem to a telephone (i mean as a call) it's working properly.
I mean it can call to a mobile phone or land phone.

Some times it suddnely connects but connected sppedis 24kpbs.

But the same phone line is working properly with my desktop modem as same as another laptop modem.

It seems there is some malfunction on my 56k modem.
I tried even uninstalling and reinstalling but still the matter exists.

Can anybody help me in this case?

29.01.2008, 14:33

I donít think that the modem would malfunctions.
Fact is that if you use the wrong modem configuration, the line could be busy and the modem would not response.

I would recommend configuring the modem again.
In the programs -> Toshiba -> Networking you would find the ďModem region selectĒ utility which must be configured for single country.
Delete the existing profile and create a new one!

Best regards and good luck

11.02.2008, 14:03
Hi all,

I did the profile changing and region selecting too.

The matter still exists. I donít know what to do.
Is there any expert to help me in this?

Can we change the modem card? Will it works?

Please help me.
Other wise I have to buy a USB modem to access internet

Iím in a terrible matter.

Please help me

11.02.2008, 14:54
Do you get any special error messages like Error 691, Error 629 or Error 633?

What you could do is to step the baud rate (port speed) down from to lower speed, attempting a connection at each speed.
This could be done in the modem properties (device manager -> modem -> properties)

13.02.2008, 10:18

thanks for the clue.
I checked with all speeds.

Modem connects only when we give the lower speed than 19.2KPBS(19200Bps).
It doesnt connect with any other speed exeeding that 19.2.

So i went to service center in SL.
They also confued and they checked the notebook.
Finally they told me that modem is not functioning properly.
Now they have ordered a specific part from Singapore to replacement.

They told me that they will inform me when they recieved the part.
So i have to wait till the replecement.
So lets see.

Thanks for the all support you ppl were given.

Thanks !!

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