View Full Version : Question about processor temperature on Tecra 9000

27.01.2008, 13:03
Hi. I would like to know what are common temperatures for Tecra 9000 1Ghz. When I run some processor intensive application such as Prime95, temperature temperature rises to 59C. Isn't it too much? Yes and I also recently replaced old thermal compound with AC MX-1.

Thanks for Yours answers.

27.01.2008, 13:16
Hi there,

so, 59C are totally OK, they are almost under the TDP of the CPU. If the temp would go over 70C or more then it would be critical but not at 59C. The Pentium 3 M should usually generate a higher temperature so your CPU is, comparing to another system cooler. Could be also depending from the cooler paste you´ve applied..

Don´t worry, everythings OK. :)