View Full Version : Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-841S does not recognise movie DVD on Satellite Pro A100

27.01.2008, 02:27
I have a Satellite Pro A100-PSAAPE laptop.

Initially the DVD drive played movies fine, but now it does not recognise movie DVDs at all.

The drive itself is recognised and works fine with CDRom and with the Recovery DVD.

Phone support: they had me reinstall the driver and boot from the recovery DVD. This did not solve the problem. They then said do a system restore. Tried this, but it seems that earlier system restores are in themselves unsuccesful and the system restore that did work did not resolve the problem.

Mediaplayer and Intervideo WinDVD seem to work fine, but do not find the DVD in the drive.

They now advise me to reinstall back to factory setting, but I do not want to have to build the laptop back up from scratch etc, so am hoping there may still be a solution.

Can anyone help please?


best wishes,


01.02.2008, 12:40

You should understand that you have to clarify if this is a hardware or software problem.
Unfortunately, you can find out this “secret” only using the Recovery DVD(CD).
The installation from the Toshiba recovery will set the notebook back to the factory settings. In such case you could find out if the CD/DVD device is faulty or not.

If the drive will not play the DVDs after the reinstallation of OS, then the chances are that this is a CD/DVD drive fault.