View Full Version : Portege 4000 memory upgrade 1GB?

26.01.2008, 11:22
I have an old Toshiba Portege 4000 laptop.
The user manual says a memory upgrade up to 512MB (2x256MB) is possible. But the technical specification on the toshiba-direct website says a memory upgrade up to 1GB (2x512MB) is possible.
I brought 2x512MB (SO-DIMM 512MB SD RAM SDRAM PC133 PC 133 512 MB 144 PIN) NO-NAME memory at ebay and it doesn't work. The system won't boot.

Now my question. Can I go up to 1GB with the toshiba recommended Kingston memory or won't it work in general?
Anyone there with experience on this?

Thanks in advance.

26.01.2008, 12:19
normally a portege 4000 is indeed upgradeble up to 1 gb ( 2x 512 mb sdram pc133, 3,3v )

however the architecture and number of chips on the modules can cause a incomptability, so 'bad luck' I suppose

on ebay-express you can find them for about 50 US$ ( search for portege 4000 ; memory )

26.01.2008, 12:31
Hi mate,

as far as I know the machine definetively can be upgraded up to 1024MB of main memory. You *can* use PC133 modules but they will run at 100Mhz.

Regarding your problem I can only tell you that the Toshiba machines are very picky when talking about memory modules. Since the older business machines (like your one) were shippped with toshiba memory modules, it would be advantageous to use original toshiba or from toshiba recommended modules since they are known to work well with such machine.

Generally: the machine can work with 1GB of RAM but you have to use either original toshiba modules or from toshiba certified modules.