View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE: cannot install ATI display driver

25.01.2008, 19:00
Hi all,

I have experienced a series of problems with my Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics card that I'm sure could be resolved by downloading the latest drivers. This I have to do from the Toshiba website as the ATI website offers no support for it. But I have experienced multiple problems downloading the file archive.

It always says that there is an error: "Header error... (missing or corrupt)" and it asks me to redownload the file, I've done this three times now with the same results, I'm starting to get a little frustrated- can somebody +please help+. I have noticed that the downloaded (and useless) file is smaller (by over 50%) than the intended size-- I don't know if that helps at all...

Pre-emptive thanks if you can help me with this problem.

29.01.2008, 16:52

What to say… I have noticed that the drivers download server is very slow…. Looks like an overload… possibly all the packages would not transmitted correctly and therefore this error message appears.
I know that this could be very frustrating and I really understand you because I have tried to download other driver and the performance is really slowly but I don’t see any other solution as trying to download the graphic driver package again…

Good luck buddy