View Full Version : Memory upgrade on Satellite Pro L40-15d

24.01.2008, 23:26

I have Satellite Pro L40-15d with 512 memory (Samsung) but I wont upgrade to 1GB. I have Kingston ktt667d2/1g I have tray to put in to both slots but nothing work I cant switch on computer.

But when I change for old one laptop is ok. What can I do? Install special program or update BIOS or maybe the memory stick is broken.

25.01.2008, 13:06

The notebook doesnít boot after the memory upgrade due to these different issues;

- memory modules are not compatible together
- memory modules are not compatible with the notebook
- memory modules are faulty
- one of memory slots is faulty

In most case the memory module replacement helps.

One hint; did you try to switch the memory modules in the slots? Sometimes this helps.
Several weeks ago I have updated my memory and the notebook didnít boot.
I thought itís a memory malfunction but after module switching the notebook booted correctly.

Good luck