View Full Version : Ordering new Satellite U300 with Windows XP loaded?

19.01.2008, 04:02
Hi All

Can I order from this web a new U300-13U with win xp already installed instead of Windows Vista?

19.01.2008, 17:47
Hi there,

I am not sure, but I think itīs not possible since the machine is shipped with Vista Home Business and not with WinXP Pro.

You will have to purchase a Windows Xp Pro and install the OS with the drivers separately.

Greets and nice weekend

25.01.2008, 16:22
As far as I know all new notebooks are Vista designed notebooks and all of them are preinstalled with Vista OS. Please check on Toshiba download page if this notebook is WXP supported (I think so) and you can install WXP on your own.